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titio July 2, 2010 14:00

Calculation of mass flow rate through a plane
Dear Foamers,

Is there any way of calculating the mass flow rate through a given plane of the mesh that is not a patch boundary. I found in the forum the calcMassFlow utility, but I have some doubts if I can use for a non patch plane.

My idea was to use the simpleFunctionObjects in the controlDict file, but I do not understand what function should I use.

Also, is it possible to calculate two values of flow rate and then calculate the value of a parameter, all defined in the controlDict file? I believe this is better done in the code, right?

Anyone can help me out here?

António Martins

robingilbert September 27, 2010 16:55

Hi titio,

Did you figure out how to calculate the mass flow-rate through a non patch plane?

robingilbert September 28, 2010 00:28

I just now figured it out. if anybody is interested, they can use swak4Foam by
Bernhard Gschaider. here is the link:
it has a tutorial for angled duct which shows how it is done.

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