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titio July 22, 2010 14:32

foamToTecplot problems
Dear Foamers,

I am not sure if this are problems, but, I am having difficulties with the foamToTecplot tool in OpenFoam When I do foamCalc mag U, being U the velocity vectorial field, foamToTecplot reads it and put it in the tecplot data files. The same thing with the velocity components.

However, there are two calculations that do not work properly.

- foamCalc compenents tensor. Tensor is non symmetric. Calculates well the components, but when applying foamToTecplo it gives segmentation error. But for a symmetric tensor, as in the application example in solidDisplacementFoam, it works perfectly.
- streamFunction. The functions works well. When I applie foamToTecplot, it works but the streamfunction values are not placed in the data files.

Is it better to use paraview/paraFoam for pos processing the stream function and the tensor components? I prefer to use tecplot as it is more user friendly than paraview.


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