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ribe August 24, 2010 05:03

I've been thinking of writing a foamToFieldview converter, but thought I'd check the forums first to find out if anyone already done this or can foresee some problems.

The reason is that I run big transient cases for a long time and the actual time series is of interest so I need to save often, thus taking a lot of disk space. Once the run is finished I mainly work with the Fieldview files but would still like to be able to go back to OpenFOAM to do postprocessing or restart the case. Being able to delete all time directories and only keep the FV-files would save disk space.


trex930 August 24, 2010 22:15

Does anyone have the foamToFieldview Source?

I am trying to use Fieldview 8. So foamToFieldview9 wont work.

From what I understand, Openfoam comes with foamToFieldview, But for some unknown reason. that utility is gone!!:confused::confused:

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