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asharma October 8, 2010 01:23

interpreting velocity field
I've recently started using Openfoam, i'm planning to club my flow field results with Lagrangian particle dispersion model that i have coded. I'm having trouble interpreting the velocity data, for example in the example "cavity" run with RAS, for time step 20 we get a listing of 400 velocity data points. I understand my mesh is 20*20*1 grid , and velocities are calculated at volume centers. What co-ordinates do the results pertain to, or other wise is it possible to get velocity field in terms of exact gird location in my mesh.

Hope i'm clear with what i'm trying to get at...

thanks in advance!


santiagomarquezd October 8, 2010 20:21

Abhinav, values are calculated at cell centres, but this info is not stored in /constant/polyMesh structure, so to obtain the coordinates of points which solution belongs to you have the command,


this command will give you three files in /0


they have the x, y and z coordinates of cell centres for internal mesh and face centres for boundary mesh.


asharma October 9, 2010 01:19

Thank you so much Santiago, ill be back with more queries soon!... :)


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