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akidess October 28, 2010 10:45

foamToVTK and paraFoam show different results
I've been using foamToVTK to post-process my data, and recently started playing around with Tecplot (using foamToTecplot360). To my surprise I was getting different velocity vectors in Tecplot and Paraview (3.8.1). I then tested paraFoam with paraview's integrated foam-reader (not the opencfd plugin), and the results were the same as using Tecplot (see below).

The geometry I'm plotting is an axisymmetric wedge, and the problems appear at the symmetry axis. Can anyone explain what foamToVTK is doing different than the native paraview reader?

7islands October 28, 2010 20:48

Hi Anton,
If the left edge is the axi-symmetric wedge, in this case I guess formToVTK is correct. Regarding the internal reader in ParaView the boundary value handling has been an issue as has been reported by another post. It's definitely in my to-do list but still take time as it is non-trivial.


akidess October 29, 2010 05:36

Hi Takuya, thanks for your prompt response, and I appreciate you working on this.

The post you linked does look like exactly the same issue. But you are in good company, as the tecplot converter and also the sample utility don't seem to handle the wedge tip correctly. I'm in contact with the Tecplot support and hope to be able to resolve the issues there as well.

- Anton

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