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romant January 5, 2011 05:46

yPlusRAS and nutkWallfunction patch

I just tried to calculate my yplus for a case that I ran. For some reason, it does not calculate yPlus because it can't find a nutWallFunction even though I have the patch nutkWallFunction in nut. Now comes the question, is there a problem with the nutkWallFunction. Do I have to run the case with just the nutWallFunction as a patch?

ngj_22 October 28, 2011 09:13

Hej Roman,

Did you find a solution to your problem? I have the same problem when using nutkWallFunction and trying to calculate yPlusRAS. Therefore I'm curious if you have gained some information about it?

romant November 14, 2011 10:40

I don't remember what the problem was. But if I use "nutkWallFunction" in my nut field for the wall, it does not complain when running yPlusRAS.

What I think happened back then was that the version change elimnated nutWallFunction and introduced many different nut wall functions like nutkWallFunction and nutUWallFunction and my simulations still used nutWallFunction as a boundary condition.

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