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mirko January 6, 2011 12:37

Is the sample utility compatible with chtMultiRegionFoam

I am running an example of chtMultiRegionFoam provided by Lars (see this post)

I tried running the sample utility on the results. The utility runs for all the saved time steps (0 to 30.001) but the sets directory contains only the 0 subdirectory, and none other.



Vetter January 6, 2011 12:51

My experience is with the probes functionObject from the sampling library.

Assuming the subject is the same, the 0 subdirectory contains a file for each monitored field (such as U or p) and each of these files contains the entire time series for that field at that point.

Hope that was helpful.

mateusps August 1, 2012 15:56

I'm having the same problem
Hello, Mirko. Have you managed to solve your problem with sampling in multi-regions? I'm having the same problem. Actually, if you use the sample command with the option [-region], you can sample each region, but I can't sample U components, 'cause foamCalc does not work with multi-region... can you help me?

ddovizio June 11, 2015 17:04

Hi mateusps,
I just started looking at chtMultiRegionFoam and was wondering the same thing.
How would you sample your data when you have multiple regions?
I am running the planeWall2D tutorial
In paraFoam I can plot over line the temperature profile crossing the three regions (topAir, wall, bottomAir).
Do you know a way to get the same sets of data with sample utility?



adkar February 15, 2016 08:28

Use -region options
sample -region regionName


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