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rogeralmenar February 15, 2011 07:28

Reading/exporting faceSource data
Hi there,

I have run a transient case with v1.7.1, exporting wall-surface results with the function "faceSource" in the controlDict. This function created the surface results for every timestep under folder "processor0" (parallel run) without any problems.

However, I can't find the way to export these results to other formats for check-up. I have 2 questions:
1) faceSource seems to export the data corresponding to all the processors under "processor0", not just the data corresponding to this processor. Is this correct?
2) I am not able to convert the surface data as it does not export any variables (foamToVTK, foamToEnsight). Not even exporting with the "global" constant folder (not the processor0/constant). Have you tried this in the past?


351Cleveland February 21, 2011 10:59

Hi Roger,

I'm new to openFoam but have just been experimenting with parallel runs myself.
Could you reconstruct the case from its parallel components using reconstructPar, open with Paraview and then plot/select data on the face and export as a csv file? That should give you data that is at least able to be manipulated easily.
Sorry if that wasn't much help.


rogeralmenar February 25, 2011 12:00

Hello Dom,

That is the thing, it seems to store all the faceSource data under processor0. If I check the number of lines for each file under processor0/timestepxyz, it shows the same lines as elements for those parts under constant/polyMesh. Hence I assume it is the complete data, not just the partitioned portion for processor0.

What I am doing now is to export the data as surface from constrolDict, not as faceSource. This creates much bigger files due to the XYZ being saved for every timestep. I can't use it to convert to EnSight or VTK, but at least it is easy to handle directly.

Thanks for the help anyway.

ksv March 3, 2011 19:55

help me
Hi Ronger,

I am new to OF. In my simulaiton I need to export force on a wall suface during every time step. I do not know as how to do this. As I understand that you have been successful in exporting wall-surface results, I would like to seek your help in this regard. Could you ellaborate as how to export wall-surface results ? or could you provide me with your ControlDict file so that I can learn from it.

Thank you so much for your post in OF

rogeralmenar March 14, 2011 09:40

Hello Ksv,
I know openFoam can export variable data at the walls, as well as Cd/Cl.
I only know how to export variable data. you can do it adding following information to the controlDict, under functions{

functionObjectLibs ("");
outputInterval 1;
fields ( p );

part 1

triangulate false;

triangulate false;

rogeralmenar March 14, 2011 09:42

It seems the tabs are been deleted in previous post. Sorry about that.

ksv March 14, 2011 19:43

Thanks Roger !
Hi Roger,

Thanks for your advice.


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