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ozzythewise March 29, 2011 16:09

Contour maps of integrated values
Hello all,

I need to create a contour plot in paraview of a nondimensional temperature field in a channel with a fixedgradient boundary condition. The way I'm nondimensionalizing it is as follows:

phi = (T - Tw) / ( (Tb - Tw)


T = local temperature
Tw = Temperature at the wall. This can be any temperature value at any point on the wall actually, just so long as it is consistent
Tb = Some bulk temperature which is calculated as follows:

Tb = integral (u T dA_inlet) / U Ainlet


u = local x-velocity
dA_inlet = over the inlet area
U = bulk velocity = 1
Ainlet = inlet area = 8

So, somehow I need paraview to calculate these at each time step for me and then I can make a contour plot of it and also an animation. The issue is with trying to calculate Tb for each time step because it isn't constant, it changes over time. I can do it for one time step by using the integrator filter in paraview, but I would like a way for paraview to do it for all time steps that way i can just be make a contour map of phi(t) (read, phi as a function of t).

Anyone know how I can go about doing this?


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