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ozzythewise March 30, 2011 15:22

Mesh part representations
Hello all,

I'm having problems with visualization in paraview. I have a simple 3D channel case with a cylinder in the channel and I want to plot and iso-surface of Q-criterion in the simulation domain. The issue I have is that I want 3 of my wall patches to be represented as surfaces in paraview so I can see them. The problem is that in order to view Q-criterion I need to select the "internalMesh" mesh part in the object inspector properties tab, but when I do that I can't view the internals because the outside surfaces are blocking them from view. If anyone could help me with this that would be excellent.


MartinB March 30, 2011 15:35

Hi Jeff,

you can load the simulation results multiple times into Paraview. Each instance can get individual visibility settings. If you define the opacity of the wall to let's say 0.1 you can see the interior, too.

To load the same simulation results more than once you can:
- use foamToVTK and load the .vtk files
- create a file with name "casename.foam" in the case directory and load it directly into Paraview
- create a file with name "casename.OpenFOAM" in the case directory and load it directly into ParaFoam

I hope this is what you are looking for,


ozzythewise March 30, 2011 15:43

Hi Martin,

Perfect! That is exactly what I want. Thanks very much. For all those with the same problem the above works.


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