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JimKnopf May 27, 2011 04:10

sampling Data during calculation
Hi There!

right about now i'm struggling a bit with the Data sampling via functionObject in the controlDict.

I created the following sampling dictionary in controlDict

type sets;
functionObjectLibs ("");
outputControl timeStep;
outputInterval 0;

interpolationScheme cellPoint;
setFormat raw;

type uniform;
axis y;
start ( -0.015 0.095 0.005 );
end ( -0.015 0.095 0.03 );
nPoints 100;
fields (U.component(0));

to sample Values along a line.
Ist does something, but not sampling the line. Actually it writes a particleCloud, which is empty

So my Question is, what did I do wrong, or how to sample Values along a line during calculation via functionObject in the controlDict.

Thanks for any Ideas and greetz

p.s.: Sampling stuff is discriped here:

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