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gregjunqua July 5, 2011 02:06

How to compar two run
Hi everybody
First of all i feel my question is silly ... so sorry for it but I promise that I had done some research about it and even try to do it by python.

So I want to find an easy way to compare two run (run1-run2) for check the difference between them.
Is there a fast way to do it? (better than my program in python)
which software could do it easily? (multi project management)

Thanks for all
P.S. I still searching a good tutorial for paraview, because i feel this software could be powerful
P.S. If you know a good post processing software (easy to learn) it would be great to give me his name thank you

gregjunqua July 5, 2011 21:24

small up

I found a way to change the var name with the calculator filter.
Then i use the group filter for put for example k1 and k2 in a same group,

but when i do k1-k2 I can't plot the result why?:eek:

Thanks for the answers :)

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