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Gabbee90 July 13, 2011 05:23

Interpreting PatchIntegrate Data
I am new to CFD let alon OpenFOAM and am having difficulty interpretting data.
I have ran an axisymmetric SimpleFOAM model and am checking for consistency, I used the
"patchIntegrate phi Inlet" and
"patchIntegrate phi Outlet"
commands for openfoam 2.0.0.
I get different values for the integral over phi however the magnitude of areas is also different for inlet and outlet.
If i divide the integral of phi value by the area for both the numbers I get 9.523 for outlet and 3.997 for outlet.
Does the differences in these numbers mean the model has not converged properly?

Sorry this post is a little confusing I am not sure how to express this correctly with the little knowledge I have


mwaqas December 5, 2014 16:45

Hello Gabbee

Its been a long you have posted about patchIntegrate phi inlet/outlet problem.
I am also facing a somehow similar problem. I am using OF 2.3.0, my inlet and outlet area is same but flow rate are different for inlet and outlet when I use "patchIntegrate phi inlet/outlet"


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