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Taylorreihe September 14, 2011 07:13

sampleDict - sampling data along a contour line in given height

I hope someone can help me.

After simulate a hill i want to sample data along a line in a given height. The tricky part is to let the line follow the countur of the hill in this specified height. Do anybody know how to accomplished this with sampleDict?

I appreciate any help and thank you in advance,

FabienF February 1, 2012 11:12

Hi Taylor,
I have the same problem. I would like to calculate the vertical offset from my boundary surface (the ground) of my mesh cell centers. Have you found a way to get the cell height relative to a surface/boundary?
Thank you

FabienF February 14, 2012 03:46

Ok, I have found a way to solve my problem. I can share i anybody is keen.

ziemowitzima October 27, 2013 20:17

I think I need similar tool as you described in this post. Lets say that I have a filed F. I need to sample (x,y,z) along contour line for e.g. F = 0.5.
It is possible to do this in paraview, but the way it organizes points is total chaos...

Could you share with me your method ?


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