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blacksquirrel September 15, 2011 13:15

Problems with the reynolds stress tensor

my Reynoldsstress Tensor seems really weird.

I'm simulating a flow over a backwardsFacing Step with the solver simpleFoam and the kOmegaSST-Turbulence Model.

I compared the velocity-profiles and the cf-values with the results of an experiment and the solution is Ok. Now I'm trying to compare the Reynolds-Stress tensor.

So I used the postprocessing utilies : R and stressComponents.

But the Reynoldsstresstensor R is constant over the whole field. It changes only on one Wall, and that is the vertical wall in the step. And there it changes only for 1 cell-row.
I can't see a boundary layer, or anything in the recirculation area. The y+ is between 1 and 3.

It's a 2D-simulation, but I should see a change in xx, xy or yy.

So what went wrong? Does anyone had the same problems?
Is the utility not working correctly for 2D flows or something like this?

If you need more information, I will provide it.

Thanks for your help.
Black Squirrel

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