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pere September 27, 2011 04:45

LTSinterfoam visualization

I'm playing with wigley hull tutorial with OpenFOAM-2.0.x, that I solved with LTSinterfoam, and when I visualize the results with paraView 3.8.1 I don't know how to see the waves height. Anyone knows how to do it?

romant September 27, 2011 22:26

you could try to just view by

- using isosurface using value 0.5
- cutting the block along the hull and showing only alpha
- showing alpha as a volume field (the dropdown menu where you chose surface, or surface with edges, etc..)

pere September 28, 2011 04:19

thanks romant

CThib October 14, 2011 13:02

I've got an embarassingly newbish question:

What file(s) do I open to view the Wigley hull results?

EDIT: nvm, I'm having an unrelated issue with my paraFoam install.

CThib October 14, 2011 15:25

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I fixed my paraFoam install. Romant, what exactly did you mean by using isoCurve with value 0.5? I'm viewing it with alpha as a volume field, and I can tell that there are pressure distributions when I create a slice but they are very difficult to see. I noticed the LTSInterFoam tutorial states that things were changed to show the wave elevations. That makes me wonder, is it even possible to see real waves with the default values? Thanks

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