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tfuwa October 6, 2011 23:45

Sectional force coefficients
Greetings to all,

For Bluff Structures, OF has the excellent forceCoeffs utilities to calculate force coefficients, which are defined as drag coefficient Cd = Fx/(rho*U^2*D*H/2) and lift coefficient Cl = Fy/(rho*U^2*D*H/2). These are actually the averaged force cofficients along the bluff body. Sometimes, we need to know the sectional force coefficients at a certain cross-section along z-direction, which can be formulated as Cd(z) = Fd(z)/(rho*U^2*D/2) and Cl(z) = Fl(z)/(rho*U^2*D/2). They are obtained by integrating the pressure and shear stress over the circumference of a cross section.

Are these calculations for sectional force coefficients available in OF? The answer is probably no. Then, can anybody please suggest a way on programming to realize this utility? (I am not familiar with C++, :o, so please give a little bit more information.)


kkpal June 27, 2013 06:49

hi albert, I'm facing the same problem, have you found the solution to this question?

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