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ehsanshams October 26, 2011 15:15

plot probe data

I have probe data from my simulation. Does anyone know what application opens the vector data (U)? or any application that can convert it to tecplot format?
here is the format of the data:

# x -3.5 -2 -1
# y 0.0333 0.0333 0.0333
# z 0 0 0
# Time
1000.1 (0.0346853 0.00264113 -0.00438583) (0.045667 -0.0254756 -0.00883625) (0.0479257 -0.00194718 -0.00995854)
1000.2 (0.0346853 0.002646 -0.00437969) (0.0461788 -0.0248685 -0.00900286) (0.0482703 -0.00188878 -0.0105974)

Thank you

fs82 November 25, 2011 09:33

You found a solution for your problem? If not I wrote a pyhton script which reformats the probes of openfoam and write a tecplot file. It is not very handy and fast, because it was my first experience with pyhton but it works. So if you need it, I could provide it to you.

kind regards,

owayz January 9, 2012 21:37

Hi Fabian,
Can you send me that code.
Would I be able to extract the data over time for specified point from the techplot file? (I have no previous experince with techplot file thats why I ask it)


fs82 January 10, 2012 03:57

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Hi Awais,

no problem, here it is :)

fs82 April 5, 2012 07:38

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I found a big bug in my python script. I don't no if you experience it but if you have time values twice in your probe data the script fails. I tried to fix the bug, but the source code of the script was to creepy. I decided to wrote it completely new.

kind regards,

ehsanshams April 5, 2012 14:12

hey Fabian
thanks for updating the file, I'll check it out

palmerlee February 17, 2014 22:33

Hi, Fabian!

Could you please give more details about how to use this script? That'll be very helpful for learners like me.


hpc@node12:~/OpenFOAM/lyp/rD5Re4400_7h$ python newFoamProbeToTecplot
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "newFoamProbeToTecplot", line 7, in <module>
import numpy
ImportError: No module named numpy
kind regards,

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