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timbojones November 4, 2011 18:10

VisIt OpenFOAM reader

I have been trying VisIt with some EnSight data that I had exported from Fluent. I've generally been very impressed with the software during this time and would like to use it to visualize OpenFOAM data, as well. I see that it has a reader for OpenFOAM, but I haven't had good luck using it. Any simulation that I read causes it to hang. I'm using VisIt 2.3.2 under Linux and I'm reading the controlDict file associated with my simulation. The reader doesn't complain, but the application stops responding. I'm wondering if others are using VisIt and, if so, what kind of luck they've had with the reader.

Thanks for the help.

wyldckat November 5, 2011 04:02

Greetings timbojones,

The OpenFOAM reader in VisIt is very likely to be outdated. You can use foamToEnsight that OpenFOAM has got :)

Best regards,

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