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eric.m.tridas November 18, 2011 12:24

Rotating Axisymmetric Data in OpenFOAM/Paraview
Hey Foamers,

I've run an axisymmetric case of a jet into a vacuum chamber. I plan to take this data and couple it with an electrodynamic model in SIMION to calculate forces on flying ions. The data needs to be in Cartesian coordinates to import properly.

I was wondering if there was either a utility for OpenFOAM or a function/filter in Paraview to rotate my data.

Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


nimasam November 22, 2011 06:18

filter / reflect but it doesnot rotate along axis! may be it is helpful

danishdude November 22, 2011 19:46

If you convert the data to VTK you can import it into Visit ( and it has a data rotation feature. Visit is developed by LLNL and it's also opensource.

eric.m.tridas November 23, 2011 12:25

I actually found the feature in Paraview, its the rotational extrude (you must first take a slice though which is where I was running into issues). Unfortunately it only allows extrusion around the z-axis (which is not the axis I want to rotate it around). Thanks to danishdude though I will try and rotate the data itself so I can do the extrude around the proper axis. Thanks for your replies.


dzordz February 7, 2017 09:28

Don't know if this is still relevant for you. But one thing you cold do is to use Transform first (and rotate it to the proper axis), then use the Rotational Extrude.

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