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jochemvandenbosch January 23, 2012 08:01

view secondary flow in paraFoam
Dear fellowFOAM'ers,

I'm struggling with what I suppose is a simple problems and I'm wondering if anyone can help me?
I'm simulating a water flow in a bend and would like to plot the secondary flows in this pipe.
Uz is the axial speed and Ux and Uy are the speeds perpendicular on it. I would like to plot (Ux^2+Uy^2)^0,5, thus the speed AND direction of the secondary flows.
I suppose I should use foamCalc, but I have no idea with what syntax. Could anyone help me?

Best regards and thanks in advance,

jochemvandenbosch January 23, 2012 09:26

I figured it out already, I needed to make a slice, then use the surfacevectors filter and then the glyph filter!

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