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Nishchal June 27, 2012 05:04

cylindrical T-junction 3 different material OpenFOAM

I am trying to model flow in T-junction(cylindrical) with conjugate heat-transfer having 3 regions, 1 solid and 2 missible liquid. Solid regions covers the entire surface of the junction.

I decided to use chtMultiRegionFoam.
I created mesh in gridgen. I specified material info in gridgen but openFrom dosent seem to read them, insted i would have to define solid and liquid region seperately so i could speciefy apporopriate thermophysical properties.
I general i know that it can be done in topoSetDict, but for this geometry i am unable to figure out how to do it :o
Please suggest something.

unnikrsn September 20, 2012 10:53

Hi Nischal,

I am also working with chtMultiregionFoam... if you have found a method to solve your problem... Please do explain.. I am also working with a similar procedure... But dont know where to start with... how to work with 2 missible fluids in chtMultiregionFoam.

Thanks & Regards

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