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jgomez July 11, 2012 13:33

thermophysicalProperties Cp Units
Hello dear all,

This is probably a stupid question but i havenīt been able to find a clear answer in the forums...

Are the units of the heat capacity at constant pressure (Cp) in the thermophysicalProperties file [J/kmol K] or [J/kg K]? I found this thread ( where somebody said that the units are [J/kmol K], and i found the same units in /src/thermophysicalModels/specie/thermo/hConst/hConstThermo.H in line 141:

//- Heat capacity at constant pressure [J/(kmol K)]
inline scalar cp(const scalar T) const;

However, in the angledDuct tutorial for rhoPimpleFoam, the Cp value (air) is 1007, which looks to me like [J/kg K]... Is this an error in the tutorial?

Best Regards

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