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dark lancer October 2, 2012 13:35

Catia To OpenFoam
I have some file(.stl) and I want to input to the openfoam but I can't?
I want use dsmc code for solve the my problem but I dont know where I can an example that use of dsmc.
for any help I well appriciate

wyldckat October 2, 2012 16:30

Greetings Dark lancer,

Those are somewhat two different topics, because:
  1. The STL is probably the geometry for which you want to create a mesh. In OpenFOAM, the usual way to generate a mesh with STL as the geometry, is to use snappyHexMesh:
  2. For DSMC, check the tutorials available in "discreteMethods/dsmcFoam".
If you are still unfamiliar with how OpenFOAM works and where the tutorials are, then read the OpenFOAM User Guide:

Best regards,

dark lancer October 4, 2012 07:16

thanks wyldckat
I am reading user guide but I found an Instructions and I follow them
after I save my file with(.stl) I use NETGEN softwar for generating mesh and save with (.vol) and now I don't know what I do with these files?

elvis October 5, 2012 08:04

so you want to take the netgenNeutralToFoam way (remark:foamX does not exist any more [used to be a Java GUI with few capabilaties])
in this forum =>

But Bruno is correct from STL it is a good way to use SnappyHexMesh(SHM) and I would use Helyx OS as a GUI to tackle SHM.

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