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MisterX November 19, 2012 05:15

Setting up Case for different turbulence models with buoyancy-driven flow
Hello foamers,

I am new to OF (OpenSuse 12.1 + OF-2.1.1) and write my masterthesis on it.
At the moment I am setting up cases for turbulent flows in a room (inlet + outlet + obstacle), in which the obstacle has a heat flux and the inlet a constant flow rate.

I want to simulate this case with different turbulence models and compare the results whicht fits best to measured data.

Now, I am little stuck on pre-processing in finding the right solver and BC's to handle this problem.
The BC's for U and p are no problem, and for T I used zeroGradient at the walls, at inlet fixedValue and for outlet inletOutlet. For the walls of the obstacle I defined a turbulentHeatFluxTemperature (heat source: power).

Now my question is, what kind of solver suits best for this case and do I have to define alphaEff (kappaEff) and Cp or is kappaEff only defined by nu/Pr + nut/Prt in transportProperties and Cp could be easily defined by CP = 1000?

In advance thank you very much for help.


MisterX November 19, 2012 06:10

In addition, the temperature of the inlet flow is 293K and the heat source is 700W which leads to 313K on the surface of the obstacle.
The fluid medium is air and I run simulation for imcompressible fluid (neglect dependence of density).
I want to handle the case transient.
I think there are mainly two possibilities: a) pisoFoam and include enthalpy equation or b) buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam

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