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alsdia November 20, 2012 03:54

Maximum Cells number of Engrid and Salome
Do you know what is the maximum numbers of elements that can handle Salome? 300millions elements is it possible?
And what about the maximum elements number of Engrid?

Sören Sander November 20, 2012 04:51

Hello alsdia,

As far as I experienced, in Salome the maximum number of elements is just limited by your hardware (Salome will crash, if you use too many cells). Thou I have to admit, I never simulated a case that was even close to 300M cells.

You could try to set up a easy case, e.g. a block. Then, use hexmesh and number of segment discretisation. Afterwards, you can refine your mesh step by step. Right now I have problems to create meshes with more then 3M cells, but this should be dependent on the hardware as mentioned above.

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