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eugen2077 December 27, 2012 13:52

problem of heat transfer from a solid to a liquid

Which solver to use for the problem of heat transfer from a solid to a liquid, if the coefficients of thermal conductivity and heat transfer are known?

Could be use for this task laplacianFoam? How to set the boundary condition of the third kind (Robin boundary condition)?

nimasam December 28, 2012 04:05

Hello, welcome forum
1- laplacian is not suitable, it solves only transport equation for conjugate heat transfer
chtMultiRegionFoam or chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam, can be used

2-a bunch of BC, can be implemented by groovyBC

so i suggest first search in forum, there are alot of information here :) or in wiki, then if you could not reach any conclusion, ask your question :)

eugen2077 December 28, 2012 13:46

Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately, I can not understand chtMultiRegionFoam yet. But I have an idea how to use laplacianFoam in this task. Necessary to extrude the faces with three kinds of boundary conditions in a finite volume by the length (lambda / alfa), where lambda - the thermal conductivity of solid, alfa - heat transfer coefficient. Extruded faces to set the temperature of the liquid. On the lateral faces set zerogradient. I'll try to write a script to modify the mesh.

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