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Wedge Antilles February 13, 2013 12:47

Boundaryconditions for twophase stream through open "channel" , InterFoam
He guys,

Im new to the OPENFoam world and Im taking a class in it right now. Me and three other guys are sitting at this problem for over e week now. our teacher wont help us so perhaps could you?

we have to simulate a two phase (air on top water below) flow with i certain speed U from left to right. the U inletcondition is timeVaryingUniformFixedValue with a value of (0.05 0.01sin(wt) 0). so there are waves propagating on the water surface.
we have to simulate an open water situation so all boundarys are patches, U boundary on slip and zeroGrad at the outlet. but we are not sure about all this.

the problem is somehow that the waterphase is leaking at the outlet, as if there is no water at the outlet boundary. our condition there is zeroGrad for alpha1.
we get verry small deltaT and floatingpoint exception after a while. kEpsilon or laminar makes no difference.

since this looks loke a standard problem perhaps one of you knows the right conditions for p_rgh, U and alpha1 perticularly at the outlet.

hope you got what i ment
Im thankfull for every hint.

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