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konneym March 5, 2013 14:20

Import field from CFX5 result file top OpenFOAM 2.1.1
Dear Foamers,

I want to import field data (not just the mesh) from a CFX5 result file into OpenFOAM, in order to use the data as a fixedValue inlet BC in my OF simulation.

I came very close and will explain briefly what I did so far. Afterwards I will explain, why I failed to finish my task.

1) Opened CFX5 result file with Ansys CFD Post 14.0 and did
File --> Export --> Export --> ... and exported e.g. the velocity field into a raw format that corresponds to the OF format (xxx yyy zzz).
2) Took a raw OF testcase and copied the velocity field exported above to the inlet patch U field BC file 0/U.
3) Imported the *msh file (ICEM CFD mesh) to OF

This should work in principle, since I have the correct mesh and the matching field, both in proper OpenFOAM formatting.

, the size of the field exported with Ansys CFD Post has more points than the actual patch. This seems to be the case, because CFD Post seems to export also the boundary values of a sample plane, whereas OF seems to write and read only the inner values of a patch, if I interpret the behavior correctly.

Does anyone have experience with porting CFX5 fields to OpenFOAM or have an idea how I could export just the "inside field values" from Ansys CFD Post?

Any help wouid be very much appreciated!



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