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DanoGC March 8, 2013 17:55

Drag coefficent and Drag force
I'm trying to calculate the drag coefficent and drag force on a sphere with diameter 500mm (I'm using mm as measure). My fluid is water and the Reynold coefficient is Re=0.025 and the velocity is 5.0E-5 because I need a laminar behaviour in my simulation and I used the code to put in the controlDict file. The problem that I have is the results of the drag coefficent is very big, like 1.3E+11. I'm don't know what is happenig :mad: :mad: because I have reviewed all data.

If somebody can help me, it would be terrific. :D

skeptik March 22, 2013 05:28

If you have physically reasonable pressure distribution, just check Aref and Lref in forceCoeffs section of your controlDict.

Or show controlDict here at least.

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