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Soheyl March 8, 2013 21:24

cellSet bounded by STL surface
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I want to trim the cell set shown in the picture by the red STL file, i.e. I want to get rid of the hoop of cells that are outside the red boundary. The original cell set is a cylinder. I have tried:


cellSet myset subset surfaceToCell "constant/triSurface/Red.stl" ((0 0 0)) true false true 0.0 1000.0
where (0 0 0) is inside the part that I want to keep. However, this does not remove the cells in the outer hoop. Basically the cell set remains intact.

Anyone knows how to fix this? If surfaceToCell is the way to go, how are inside and outside regions defined? And I'm not quite sure about the last two parameters, even though I've played with them with no result.

Soheyl March 12, 2013 12:43

For future reference, the STL needs to be closed.

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