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raysark March 19, 2013 15:15

Sutherland transport Coefficients

Does anyone know the sutherland transport coefficients (As and Ts) needed in thermophysicalProperties for O2 and H2?

Thank you

Matze7 May 17, 2013 04:28

Hi Stratos,

I don't know if you solved your problem, but I use the coefficent, which I found in the combustion/firefoam/les/smallfire3D tutorial. They are in the file "thermo.compressibleGas" and they seem to be the same for all types of gas:

As 1.67212e-06;
Ts 170.672;

Does anybody know, if they really are the same for all gases?

DustExplosion March 22, 2017 10:55

Just an update on this. These coefficients are for nitrogen gas alone and in all of the tutorials are applied to all species (making viscosity and thermal conductivity independent of composition). This may or may not provide sensible enough results depending on the accuracy you are looking for.

Also a note on using multiple coefficients for different species. OpenFoam does some strange mixture rules (not mol or mass based). See more information in the thread here:

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