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m5m5kh March 31, 2013 05:47

problems with velocity and pressure boundary conditions inb IcoFoam
Hi friends:
My case of study is a furnace with numbers of holes as inlets. I know local atmosphere pressure but I have problems with boundary conditions of inlet velocity and that of outlet. I have the same problems with inlet and outlet pressure conditions and those of internal field pressure and temperature. I use IcoFoam. Please help me if you can. I do not know exactly to use which temperature to define transport properties and use for my pressure converting in P conditions.
I attach the figure of my case for your consideration.

m5m5kh April 1, 2013 02:26

I am sure that the problem is caused by pressure boundary conditions for internal field and outlet
I know the mass flux of outlet and area of it and I know the inlet gas pressure but I used "zeroGradient" as boundary condition for inlets.
I almost don't know what to do with my pressure boundary condition :(
plz help!!! :(

wyldckat April 1, 2013 13:23

Greetings Mohsen,

icoFoam :confused:? It's a very basic solver... so shouldn't you use pimpleFoam? Or go directly to one of the other variant solvers from pimpleFoam which do have temperature and/or compression?

In my level of experience, I'm only able to suggest that you first simplify your geometry and start with that simple geometry, until you can figure out how the boundary conditions work. In addition, the advantage of a simple geometry is that you can more easily share it with us, so that someone can do some trial-and-error to help you figure out the solution!

Best regards,

m5m5kh April 3, 2013 00:55

Thanks Bruno
I will do so.thanks for your help but unfortunately I can't change or simplify my geometry :( I will use pimpleFoam.

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