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Tobi May 9, 2013 08:31

Special BC
Hi all,

i am trying to simulate a baffle that is closed the first 60 sec. then it opens for the fluid for 60 sec and so on.

There for I wanted to use a sin - function like that:

sin (xxxx) > 0 -> baffle open
sin (xxxx) < 0 -> baffle closed

In that case it should be possible to use groovyBC is that correct?
Further more is it possible to solve that problem with an steady-state solver?

And finally - what patchtype should it be?


In my opinion it could be a patch type

Thanks in advance tobi

mturcios777 May 9, 2013 12:14

You can accomplish the same thing with attachDetach mesh modifier. This requires to have a new topoChangerFvMesh; you can probably use the one I submitted for this bug report:

Make sure you make the change mentioned in the third to last note about creating a new pointfield and then moving the points.

This is working in both 1.6-ext and 2.2.x.

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