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airfoil in Openfoam-beginer
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I want to compare answer of fluent and Open foam on an Airfoil with laminar, strady flow with constant velocity an Re=2000.
I solve the Fluent one But can't Open mesh (same as one use foe fluent) in Open foam. Open foam give me error on attached Picture
What is the Problem?

nimasam May 16, 2013 12:15

dear hamed
several suggestions:
1- first try to install a distribution of Linux :D ( Ubuntu is preferred)
if you can not get rid of windows :D, you can use VMware or virtualbox
2- install OpenFoam on your linux
because OpenFOAM in windows is like a pain in the ass :D

However your problem is some where else
you used your command wrongly! that command needs that you enter the .msh file name after the command

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