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vishal3 July 24, 2013 23:18

Using setFieldDict for a wedge......
I want to use setFieldDict for a wedge of a cylinder(D=0.138; H=1.38).
I have 5 degree wadge.
Can anyone suggest something?

nimasam July 26, 2013 12:38

whats the problem of using setFieldDict? could describe more precisely your problem

vishal3 July 28, 2013 23:57

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Thank you for your reply Nima Sam.

I wanted to simulate 2D axisymmetric bubble column of the dimensions above mentioned.
For this case I have chosen a wedge of 5 degrees. My column height is 1.38 m (as mentioned earlier) and the liquid height in the column is 0.9 m. In order to specify the liquid and gas heights separately I need to use this setFieldDict. I mention these gas and liquid heights in the column by defining phase fractions.

For an example I am attaching setFieldDict file, which I have used for 3D simulations of same column.

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