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donQi August 12, 2013 23:28

Cannot create cellZones with Snappy
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I'm trying to create with snappyHexMesh an elementary rhoSimpleFoam case with a porous zone. I created three cylinders in STL format, and produced the internal multidomain mesh following the example ( created by Bruno wyldckat post#5.

then I typed in shell:
snappyHexMesh -overwrite
createPatch -overwrite
paraview &

and I can see the mesh by opening a dummy file sample.foam saved in the same case directory. I can see exactly the patches as I wanted, INLET, OUTLET, WALL1, WALL2, WALL3, but if we look at the cellZones and faceZones files they do not contain the information of those patches. Why they do not show up, even if in Paraview I can select them? How should I modify snappyHexMeshDict to get boundary and cellZones set correctly and be able to launch the analysis?

If you have the time and kindness to test my case, you can find the files here :
files version OF21
files version OF22

Thank you

donQi August 14, 2013 02:04

Not very clear what was wrong, but now the case is working. You can find it here
the cylinder in the middle is set to porous.

donQi August 14, 2013 03:04

yes I suspect that the reason was the presence of some files like
snappyHexMeshDict.cellZones e
that were produced after launching snappyHexMesh.
I made the error to use an Allclean copied from another case, so the cleaning did not clean the necessary files. Once a proper cleaning is made, all run OK.

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