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nash October 24, 2013 03:44

Inlet and Outlet BC for maximum flow of a radial fan
Hi everyone,

I'm now doing simulation on radial fan to reproduce the fan performance curve. Now I'm stuck in the case for maximum flow rate of the fan.

My boundary conditions that I would like would be pressures on inlet and outlet, and the mass flow rate/volumetric flow rate will be extracted from the simulation.

The static pressure in the room may be at atmosphere, but the dynamic pressure is nearly zero and therefore the total pressure is equal to static pressure. This is not the case at the inlet of the fan. At the inlet, the static pressure will decrease as the mass flow rate increases, with the total pressure remaining nearly constant.

so i think i would like to use static pressure in outlet and total pressure in inlet.
But what value should i set to my p0 and value in totalpressure BC, while i set the static pressure outlet to zero.

or should i use other BCs?

thanks for the help


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