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Salam-H November 4, 2013 14:05

OpenFoam Running in parallel
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Hi every one, I hope someone can help. I am trying to run openfoam in parallel. I have 8 processor in the decomposepar when I run it I get the following error massage , I would be grateful if someone tells how to fix it.

the shape I have is funnel. however when I use a cubic shape I dont get any error every thing goes well. I modified the dambreak case.

best regards,


nimasam November 7, 2013 14:45

it seems your solution is diverging :) and it is not related to your parallel set up, could you run it in serial?

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Increased the timePrecision from 10 to 11 to distinguish between timeNames at time 1.2000578e-06

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