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gelbebanane November 21, 2013 10:00

Setting Boundary Conditions for stl geometry (periodic cooling fin tunnel)
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after creating my mesh with snappyHexMesh i am now trying to set up my testcase. First of all some basic information. I will use the SIMPLEFOAM solver for my case and i want to simulate a periodic cooling pipe with ribbs. From an old case i have already some initial values like the mass flow, viscosity, Reynolds number, density and velocity. Some help how i can get the values for k and omega would also be very kind ;).

Right now i have a lot of trouble with my boundary conditions. I know in which files i have to enter my values but i do not know with which parameters like type value etc.. My case consists of a periodic geometry so i want to use the boundary condition "mapped" to map the outlet values to the inlet of my geometry.

Attachment 26945
Attachment 27119

Picture 1 shows the geometry what will be used for the periodical case. In picture 2 you can see the actual whole cooling pipe (but not relevant for now) and also the inlet as well as the outlet patch.

Sniper December 4, 2013 17:13

Hi Phil,

I read your post in my thread on Simple open channel flow. I think it would be better if you go for the cyclicAMI boundary condition than mapped boundary. I think mapped boundary works well, if you are trying to develop the flow within a short distance where you can map the velocity profile from downstream to upstream.

As far as my case was concerned I got better results when I used Cyclic boundry Condition. There is a channel365 tutorial where more information can be found.

Good luck,


gelbebanane December 4, 2013 18:36

thanks for your replay, i will give it a try and see if it works.
Can you explain me what u mean with channel365, i cant find neither a thread here in the forum nor anything else by googling.


Sniper December 6, 2013 14:56


I actually meant channel395 it is under tutorials/incompressible/pimple foam. You will find the cyclic boundary condition settings in that. If your mesh is not conformal then you may have to use cyclicAMI boundary condition on the two boundaries.

Thanks & good luck,


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