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Jonasd December 12, 2013 14:07

Deflection of water sheet
Hello, I am new to CFD and to OpenFOAM and after having done some tutorials, I thought I'd try to simulate what I am really after.

In planing boat hulls, above the water surface there is a water sheet flowing laterally along the bottom which is creating wet surface. This sheet needs to be deflected off the boat using deflectors. I thought I'd look at the magnitude of the lifting force they supply in addition to their removal of wet surface.

The 3-dimensional problem set-up could look like this:

- A water sheet of 30 mm flowing with 15 m/s on a smooth, flat surface
- The water sheet eventually hits an canted wedge, let's say angled 45 degrees from the flow direction, having a wedge angle of 20 degrees
- Above the water sheet is air (or vaccuum)
- Both a laminar and a turbulent/transitional flow would be of interest

The objective would be to find
- Output forces in xyz per meter of width from a 2D cutting plane

How would you go about setting up this problem? Mesh type? Multiphase flow? What solver? Any other tips, suggestions?

Huge thanks in advance!

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