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aylalisa February 13, 2014 13:24

difference between cellSet and cellZoneSet
Hi to All!

Could anybody explain the difference between a cellSet and a cellZoneSet?

In different tutorial cases I've found examples in: *.setSet files, topoSetDict files

#1 cellSet heater new boxToCell (-0.01001 0 -100 )(0.01001 0.00999 100)
#2 cellSet heater add boxToCell (-0.01001 -100 -0.01001)(0.01001 0.00999 0.01001)
#3 cellZoneSet heater new setToCellZone heater

Why is line three necessary?



olivierG February 14, 2014 04:12


I would also know more precisely the difference between set and ZoneSet.

About your last question, you need the line 3 because OpenFoam _solver_ deal only with Zone (cellZone, facesZone, pointZone), not Set.


mturcios777 February 14, 2014 13:39

Both sets and zones are a collection of mesh primities (cells, points and faces). faceZones have the additional property of having an orientation. For faceZones, there is a flipMap assigned for each face in the zone that says if the face normal (defined in the faces file) needs to be flipped to maintain the orientation of the faceZone (so that the faceZone has a master side and a slave side). If you compare the contents of the pointZones and cellZones files, you will see that they are nearly identical.

As to why there is duplicate functionality I'm not sure. It seems zones are favored in solvers while sets are used more often in utilities, at least from my experience with OpenFOAM. I suspect that there may be additional functionality built into Zones that is useful in solvers that is not required for working with sets.

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