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Paolo.F March 3, 2014 09:25

NonUniform Velocity Inlet
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to perform a steady state simulation (simpleFoam) to analyze the airflow around a sailing boat. In order to validate my results I'm comparing them with the ones coming form a measurement in a wind tunnel. I have the velocity profile of the wind tunnel which is not uniform, and I wold like to implement it as a boundary condition ( it means I have to set precise values of velocity at specified heights).

I found, in the PitzDailyExptInt tutorial, the type: timeVaryingMappedFixedValue for the inlet (Folder 0/U).

I have set (constant/boudaryData/inlet/0/U) the velocity values
I have set (constant/boudaryData/inlet/points) the points coordinates corresponding to the velocity values.

The problem is that I don't get a correct velocity profile! I think the problem is related to the average velocity value I have to set in constant/boudaryData/inlet/0/U

I don't think I have well understood how this utility works...does anybody knows how to help me?

I have also tried to implement the non uniform velocity profile using the type: value nonuniform List<vector>
But in this case how can I associate the velocity value with the space coordinates?
Thanks again!

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