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ArslanAlvi October 19, 2018 14:18

Air Foil 2 D case
Dear All,
I hope this message finds you in best of health and spirit. I am doing simulation for airfoil 2D case using snappyHexMesh. I am a little bit confused about type of computational domain. My airfoil is stationary and i have meshed it using snappyHexMesh. For 0 angle of attack square domain will work. If i want the airfoil to be at the same place for next angle of attack which is 5, so if i give in velocity vector (vcos5 and vsin5), the angle would be still zero or 5(square domain)? Is it compulsory to make a C domain then only i could work at different angle of attack.?

yambanshee October 29, 2018 10:21

By using vertical and horizontal components for the inlet velocity, the result becomes more dependent on the top and bottom boundaries. It might be better to rather remesh the foil at different attack angles.
Furthermore, I would personally recommend using blockMesh rather for an airfoil shape, as you're likely to get a better quality mesh.

ArslanAlvi November 6, 2018 14:12

3d wing
Hello all, i am working on 3D wing at 5 degree in square computational domain. I have small doubt regarding velocity vectors and lift and drag directions. As i have given 5 degrees to my wing in CAD. My inlet velocity is 1 m/s. Now do i need to give velocity also in x and y or (1 0 0) will work. Same question for lift and drag direction.

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