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mm66 October 18, 2019 13:40

Uniform U field changes to nonuniform after splitMeshRegions
Hi Foamers,

Recently, I have been working on chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam solver. What I do is that first I generate the mesh in Salome after partitioning the two bodies. Then I convert the mesh. So far no problem. Then, I want to split the regions, which I do by:


splitMeshRegions -cellZonesOnly -overwrite
However, when splitting the regions, one of the inlet boundaries in the U field (for one of the regions only) changes from uniform to nonuniform.

Note that when such a thing happens, I tried to manually change the nonuniform back to uniform. But when I used decomposePar, the same thing happened again in the decomposed boundary conditions... Am I missing something/doing anything wrong? Has anyone faced such a thing? Anyone knows the workaround?

PS: First, I did exactly the same procedure for a smaller geometry with success (none of these problems happened) but trying a bigger one this problem occurred.

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