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rsa February 5, 2020 03:48

Using Ansys mesh for foamextend conjugate heat transfer
I have a Ansys mesh of my geometry (a ".msh" file) and I want to import the mesh into my foamextend case file (and not OpenFOAM) to solve a "conjugate heat transfer" problem. for simplicity lets say I want to use "conjugateHeatSimpleFoam".
So, my issue is how I can convert the Ansys mesh to be able to run the conjugateHeatSimpleFoam case file. It seems that the command fluentMeshToFoam is not enough. Can anyone tell me how to convert my mesh.

Jo88 February 5, 2020 04:20

if itís a 3D mesh did you also try: fluent3DMeshToFoam <input-file *.msh>
Best Jochen

rsa February 5, 2020 04:29

Hi Jochen,
I did try the fluent3DMshToFoam. It does not work. The problem is the solver can not identify the solid part of the mesh. Non of the switches are helping with this issue!
regards, Reza

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