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lastestTime step does not start the computation from latest time step

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Old   April 13, 2021, 13:06
Default lastestTime step does not start the computation from latest time step
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Dear fomers,

I ran a ship simulation to determine the trim and sinkage of the ship using HPC.
I ran the simulation for 5 sec and I used latestTime to continue the simulation from the lastest time it computed for the first set of computation.

below shows the files from

1. 0 time folder last steps
2.76528       	(-4.455511e+01 -2.227696e+02 3.752130e+02)	(-6.917687e+00 -2.231236e+02 3.756478e+02)	(-3.763743e+01 3.540872e-01 -4.347268e-01)
2.7655        	(-4.455581e+01 -2.228436e+02 3.751877e+02)	(-6.917884e+00 -2.231978e+02 3.756223e+02)	(-3.763793e+01 3.542508e-01 -4.346274e-01)
2.7657        	(-4.456513e+01 -2.227126e+02 3.751850e+02)	(-6.926742e+00 -2.230670e+02 3.756195e+02)	(-3.763839e+01 3.543987e-01 -4.344901e-01)
2.76589       	(-4.456057e+01 -2.228834e+02 3.751834e+02)	(-6.921693e+00 -2.232379e+02 3.756177e+02)	(-3.763887e+01 3.545719e-01 -4.343035e-01)
2.7661        	(-4.457611e+01 -2.224234e+02 3.751889e+02)	(-6.936709e+00 -2.227781e+02 3.756230e+02)	(-3.763940e+01 3.547871e-01 -4.340681e-01)
2.76631       	(-4.458474e+01 -2.228396e+02 3.751992e+02)	(-6.944764e+00 -2.231946e+02 3.756329e+02)	(-3.763997e+01 3.550535e-01 -4.337818e-01)
2.76653       	(-4.459933e+01 -2.226026e+02 3.752060e+02)	(-6.958776e+00 -2.229580e+02 3.756395e+02)	(-3.764055e+01 3.553498e-01 -4.334493e-01)
2.76676       	(-4.457807e+01 -2.231264e+02 3.752116e+02)	(-6.936974e+00 -2.234821e+02 3.756447e+02)	(-3.764110e+01 3.556705e-01 -4.330993e-01)
2.76699       	(-4.457654e+01 -2.225572e+02 3.752087e+02)	(-6.935022e+00 -2.229132e+02 3.756415e+02)	(-3.764152e+01 3.559475e-01 -4.328142e-01)
2.76723       	(-4.456011e+01 -2.229260e+02 3.752073e+02)	(-6.918301e+00 -2.232821e+02 3.756399e+02)	(-3.764181e+01 3.561587e-01 -4.326462e-01)
2.76746       	(-4.455977e+01 -2.222491e+02 3.752042e+02)	(-6.917780e+00 -2.226054e+02 3.756367e+02)	(-3.764199e+01 3.563131e-01 -4.325497e-01)
2.7677        	(-4.455221e+01 -2.227564e+02 3.752158e+02)	(-6.910141e+00 -2.231129e+02 3.756483e+02)	(-3.764207e+01 3.564174e-01 -4.324983e-01)
2.76793       	(-4.455185e+01 -2.222399e+02 3.752280e+02)	(-6.909761e+00 -2.225964e+02 3.756605e+02)	(-3.764209e+01 3.564870e-01 -4.324721e-01)
2.76816       	(-4.454115e+01 -2.227310e+02 3.752047e+02)	(-6.899051e+00 -2.230875e+02 3.756372e+02)	(-3.764210e+01 3.565338e-01 -4.324750e-01)
2.7684        	(-4.453818e+01 -2.222074e+02 3.752168e+02)	(-6.896153e+00 -2.225639e+02 3.756493e+02)	(-3.764203e+01 3.565550e-01 -4.325041e-01)
2.76863       	(-4.452816e+01 -2.225971e+02 3.752127e+02)	(-6.886234e+00 -2.229536e+02 3.756452e+02)	(-3.764192e+01 3.565648e-01 -4.325413e-01)
2.76887       	(-4.453365e+01 -2.222775e+02 3.752104e+02)	(-6.891833e+00 -2.226340e+02 3.756430e+02)	(-3.764182e+01 3.565711e-01 -4.325820e-01)
and the first step in the next time folder 2
2.00024       	(-4.400534e+01 -2.048696e+02 3.411866e+02)	(-6.441071e+00 -2.052133e+02 3.416641e+02)	(-3.756427e+01 3.437174e-01 -4.774407e-01)
2.00047       	(-4.443299e+01 -2.393942e+02 4.002413e+02)	(-6.869032e+00 -2.397392e+02 4.007149e+02)	(-3.756395e+01 3.449284e-01 -4.736160e-01)
2.00071       	(-4.417676e+01 -2.179741e+02 3.639568e+02)	(-6.612592e+00 -2.183190e+02 3.644308e+02)	(-3.756417e+01 3.448740e-01 -4.739724e-01)
2.00095       	(-4.413977e+01 -2.162516e+02 3.602697e+02)	(-6.575413e+00 -2.165963e+02 3.607444e+02)	(-3.756436e+01 3.446434e-01 -4.746962e-01)
2.00119       	(-4.416509e+01 -2.187782e+02 3.654427e+02)	(-6.600500e+00 -2.191228e+02 3.659175e+02)	(-3.756459e+01 3.445994e-01 -4.748181e-01)
2.00142       	(-4.419644e+01 -2.209400e+02 3.683273e+02)	(-6.631610e+00 -2.212847e+02 3.688019e+02)	(-3.756483e+01 3.446670e-01 -4.746333e-01)
2.00166       	(-4.418820e+01 -2.198558e+02 3.673266e+02)	(-6.623141e+00 -2.202005e+02 3.678012e+02)	(-3.756506e+01 3.447038e-01 -4.745716e-01)
2.0019        	(-4.418621e+01 -2.197569e+02 3.663669e+02)	(-6.620928e+00 -2.201016e+02 3.668415e+02)	(-3.756528e+01 3.447018e-01 -4.746228e-01)
2.00214       	(-4.417974e+01 -2.193759e+02 3.664518e+02)	(-6.614252e+00 -2.197206e+02 3.669265e+02)	(-3.756549e+01 3.447032e-01 -4.746684e-01)
2.00237       	(-4.418637e+01 -2.199264e+02 3.667299e+02)	(-6.620669e+00 -2.202711e+02 3.672045e+02)	(-3.756571e+01 3.447202e-01 -4.746881e-01)
2.00261       	(-4.418081e+01 -2.195276e+02 3.667757e+02)	(-6.614928e+00 -2.198724e+02 3.672504e+02)	(-3.756589e+01 3.447339e-01 -4.747141e-01)
As you can see the latest time in the 0 time folder was 2.76887 but in the time folder 2, the first time step is 2.00024

As a result, the results of k look as the image attached

Can anyone tell me the reason for this error?

Kind regards
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Old   April 13, 2021, 15:44
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I think the `latestTime` entry uses the latest available time directory of fields - not the latest time entry in the text file output by the forces function object. For the latter, you need to use some scripting or manual manipulation to remove the same time-step data.

Hope this helps.
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