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karthik March 4, 2009 13:28

Dear Foamers, plz bear wit me
Dear Foamers,
plz bear wit me and my ignorant mind but i need some deaperate help in post processing regarding the various variables how to define them and their meaning.also any help and suggestion regarding the Centrifugal casting is welcome wit wide arm

The problem
The mould rotating+hot metal poured=metal being splattered on the walls+fluid flow(the fluid property constantly changing)+heat transfer+phase change= extreamly complicated 4 me
so plz help me out
ya also tel me if all of these are together possible with out any assumptions
i hav 0 practical experience in cfd and its a part of my university project so plz helpppppppppppppppp!!!!

karthik March 4, 2009 13:40

ahhhh even after 3 mins of pos
ahhhh even after 3 mins of posting the previous the system not allowin me to edit that so forced to rite tis
the reason i rote my problem in pre processing section is i need to know how to define the Boundary conditions
am absolutly lost bout that, the foam user guide was usefull but due to my 0 experience i hardly absorbed any thing just a bit here and there(DUNNO i was not able to open the html folder in the docs folder i used Hardy haron(ubuntu 8.04) it took too long to open and i lost patience)
so plz tel me

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