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grtabor May 14, 2008 09:29

Hi. Has anyone here any experi
Hi. Has anyone here any experience with the FOX GUI toolkit?

The reason is the following. I've written (well, hacked together from various components) a program for viewing the block structure of blockMesh dictionaries, which my students are finding very useful for working out where they are going wrong. Its an adaptation of blockMesh itself, using OpenGL to do the 3d visualization and FOX to provide buttons etc. However on exit from the GUI, rather than exiting cleanly the code crashes with some sort of stack error. In extreme cases this can knock the X server over as well, and anyway its annoying. I think its something to do with the way I am deleting objects in the code, but I have been back and forth through the destructors and been unable to work out what I am doing wrong. If anyone knows FOX well and would be prepared to help, I could send the code to them and we could see if we can get rid of the last bugs on this; after which if there was any demand it could be released more generally.


7islands May 15, 2008 03:01

Hi Gavin, I have no experienc
Hi Gavin,
I have no experience with FOX, but did you try valgrind? It typically works quite well for tracking down such kind of problems.


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