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matteo_rosa_sentinella May 13, 2008 07:49

Hello to everyone! I'm sorry
Hello to everyone!
I'm sorry if I'm doing a silly question but I'm new both in linux and OpenFoam. I would like to run the reactingFoam tutorial but it's not set up in openFoam. In the directory of the two solver the FoamX directory doesn't exist.. and I'm not able to configure it by myself.
Can someone help me?

david_h May 13, 2008 11:17

Matt, The wiki has an examp

The wiki has an example case for reactingFoam:

If you have stability problems with the simulation, try diluting the fuel and oxidizer inlets with nitrogen.


matteo_rosa_sentinella May 14, 2008 03:56

David, that's the point! I'm
that's the point! I'm trying to run that tutorial but FoamX says: "getApplication::Invalid application class name 'dieselFoam'". basically I think that dieselFoam is not configured for FoamX, and actually the directory FoamX with the .cfg files in the solver's directory does not exist. I don't know how to generate that directory....

david_h May 14, 2008 10:15

Matt, Each of the solvers w

Each of the solvers which has been configured for FoamX has a configuration file in the source directory of the particular solver( "$FOAM_APP/solvers/<category>/<solver>/FoamX" ). You would need to make a similar directory and associated files for reactingFoam or dieselFoam("$FOAM_APP/combustion/reactingFoam/FoamX").

Have you tried running the solver from the command line ?


mehdi-combustion September 28, 2009 11:35

reaction rate by chemkin
Dear members,

I have a difficulty with reactingFoam.
When I calculate reactingFoam tutorial or dieselenginfoam tutorial, the reaction rate is always Zero. I have switched on the chemistry and combustion as well as using a high temperature ignition region, however, regardless of the temperature and Arrhenius parameters that I used in chem.inp, the reaction rate is always zero. I should mentioned that other transport properties and equation for species (YEq) is properly solved. The problem is just in the calculation of reaction rate.

Any help!

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